New Module Adoption

You’ve purchased New Modules. Great. Is your upgrade plan integrated with your new module adoption plan?

New module adoption is more than a technology implementation. You need to ensure that the module’s capabilities are understood by users/technology teams in detail, implementation is aligned to seamlessly integrate with your business processes, integration demands on upstream or downstream systems are understood and planned ahead, users spent their limited time validating that the implementation matches their needs, not if the system does what it says on the box.

Given the regulatory environment in transition, you need to be ready for negative interest rates, central clearing, regulatory reporting and more.

Have you evaluated your target business processes end to end? Are your operations teams looking to test just the variations that are of specific to you? Do you have a partner who can ensure the base pack on the new modules meets your base ask, and confirm that over the service packs or fixes you may need to adopt, through the course of the implementation?

The constant stream of Service Packs

The product vendor says the fix for the case in production will work only on the latest Service Pack. The last SP happens to have fixes across modules. Who has the time to test across all the modules! Business wants the identified case to be fixed/tested in production at the earliest. How could you ease adoption of the latest SPs?

To make thing worse, you’re a few SPs behind. It’s been a few busy months, with projects/go lives across other applications. It’s not possible to have business users test the constant stream of Service Packs. They have a business to run.

Do you have a partner who can quickly ensure that the latest SP meets your usage across modules? Can they integrate the new case too into the test pack for the next run? Can the whole test pack be executed overnight, in a test environment where the latest SP is applied? Could they work to keep the pack up to date SP on SP, release on release?


You have many customizations on the prior release. In fact, teams that implemented these customizations may no longer be with you. Need to ensure these are seamlessly migrated (or understood/analysed/reengineered, as agreed with business) to the new release. Do you have a partner who could help you identify/reverse engineer/document enhancements where necessary, identify impact due to changes in the target release (from the incumbent release), recommend/implement changes, to a firm plan delivered in 2 weeks from project kick off? Expertise/Tools make a difference.

Experts must constantly take on new challenges.

Yes. The best guys on the team always need the next big challenge. Transition is never easy, given demand on expert’s time.

A test environment that transforms to walk the new man on the team through the kinds of deals you execute, the actions they go through over the life cycle, how that map to the system, permit them peek into the screens/tables for your mission-critical treasury system, would ease transition beyond imagination.

Could an automated test harness assist with training (may be even double up as a training system), be it for a new modules or a new release?

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